Are Your Digital Marketing Skills Current for 2019?

One of the most intimidating parts of digital marketing is how quickly the industry evolves. It’s an undeniable fact that technology moves fast, continuously changing how we do business.

The very nature of digital marketing requires us to stay current and re-evaluate strategies to stay fresh. In fact, keeping abreast of the latest trends is key to a successful career as a digital marketer.

Today, I focus on 3 companies/brands who are acing digital content strategy by creating experiences, building relationships and publishing content that keeps their audience coming back.

Dollar Shave Club.  If you are like me, you soak up a lot of YouTube. Have you ever watched your favorite YouTuber dive into a brand deal for Dollar Shave Club? For a while, Dollar Shave Club brand deals were everywhere on YouTube.

That’s not the only strategy Dollar Shave Club uses. They have a number of successful digital content strategies that have helped to build their company into a viral sensation.

YouTuber Garrett Watts

Another example of continuous and intriguing content from Dollar Shave Club is how they build an audience with their blog. Here’s a few examples:

What is Dollar Shave Club doing right? Staying relevant! Whether it’s in-your-face marketing on YouTube, or content-driven posts on their blog, these guys are certainly worth taking a look at.

Doctor Who. OK, I admit, I wanted to put Doctor Who on the list because I am a HUGE fan. However, the team at the BBC and BBC America marketing team know what they are doing. While Doctor Who has been around well over 50 years, the show continues to be a worldwide hit.

Jodie Whittaker is The Doctor

In the old days, we had one run of a TV show at a specific scheduled time, then it fell into reruns. Nowadays, ‘event television’ or ‘second screening’ is a way of life.

The Doctor has embraced digital technology using social media to engage fans by word of mouth, upcoming previews, and a continuous conversation. Doctor Who shows us how social media can influence how we watch television.

Doctor Who has even launched a Twitch account where diehard fans can watch Classic Doctor Who.

Classic Doctor Who on Twitch


While HubSpot is actually a purchased tool for digital marketers, they have been a go-to for continuous free learning for quite some time. You don’t have to be a HubSpot subscriber to learn from them.

Here’s an example of Hubspot blog posts you may find helpful:

You can also learn a lot from the HubSpot Academy. They offer courses and certifications through their online training site.

Check out the The HubSpot Academy website.

Digital Content Marketing isn’t easy. It requires continuous training on your part. But don’t let anyone lead you to believe you can’t do it. Delve in, learn and continue to grow!

Comment below your favorite brands who take digital marketing to the next level. Keep the conversation going!

Robinette Kelly is a dynamic digital marketer and industry leader with over 25th year of experience driving digital success.

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