4 Reasons Why Your Pet Makes a Great Co-Worker


Today (February 20) is “Love Your Pet Day”. What better day than today to talk about why having our pets in the office is a great idea!

There are plenty of articles and posts featuring the pros and cons of having pets around while working. Instead of focusing on any of the negative, let’s talk about the benefits of working from home with our pets around.


As a small-business owner, freelancer or a remote employee, often find ourselves spending long hours alone in our office. One of the perks of having our furry companions with us is that we can always count on them for a quick kiss or hug!

Imagine this scenario: You just landed a contract with an exciting new client, and you’re on cloud nine! Like me, you probably want to share this news with someone. Well, your furry little friend sitting next to you is always there to lend an ear and offer a hearty “high-five” (or a lick on the face) to celebrate your success.

Give it a try—share your day with your pet, and I guarantee they’ll be all ears! They’ll listen attentively, providing unwavering support and companionship through it all.

Conversation Opener.


I’m the type of person who likes to break the ice and establish a connection with potential or new clients through a bit of small talk. One of my favorite conversation starters is mentioning my puppy in the office and how he loves to keep me company while I work.

More often than not, this simple statement leads to a wonderful bonding moment with the other person responding, “I know exactly what you mean! My dog, Benny, is right here with me too.” It’s an instant connection that often prompts us to exchange stories about our beloved pets.

I’ve found that talking about our pets is a fantastic way to kickstart a conversation. It’s much more engaging than the typical “How’s the weather where you are?” approach. Have you ever tried initiating a conversation with a new client by sharing stories about your furry friends?


Dog is your best friend

As a remote worker, taking breaks and incorporating exercise into your routine is crucial to prevent burnout, backaches, and even hunger. There have been countless times in the past where I would sit and work for hours on end without moving from my spot, but we all know that’s not a healthy approach.

Having a pet with you while you work can be a game-changer in keeping you active. Pets need regular potty breaks, they enjoy going on walks, and they’re always up for a quick trip to the kitchen for a treat. Taking care of your pet throughout the day serves as a wonderful reminder to step away from the computer, stretch your legs, and move around. Plus, it adds a touch of fun to your work routine!

Reduce Stress.


We’ve all experienced those days when our stress levels skyrocket while working on the computer or phone. Fortunately, studies have shown that having a pet around can significantly reduce stress. It’s no surprise considering the reasons mentioned earlier. Taking a quick walk with your dog, seeking a hug and kiss from them (which they’ll never refuse), or simply talking to them and sharing how your day is going can work wonders for alleviating stress. In addition, pets have been found to keep us more motivated in our work.

Want to learn more?

My pets.

And of course, I wouldn’t post this blog without a picture of our precious puppies, Piper and Sebastian. My dog is Sebastian (right), he happily sits on his stool right next to my desk all day while I work. If I get up, he follows. And if I’m out of state on assignment, I hear he’s always waiting on the stool for me to come home.


Let’s hear about your pets, please share your stories and pictures below. We would love to find out your at-home office pets!



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