3 Top SEO Tips that Stand the Test of Time

As December winds down each year, I admit I consume a multitude of blog posts summing up the year in digital marketing along with insight into where we may be headed. I find these yearly posts about SEO, social media and digital marketing interesting and informative.

Mindset in 1995.

Today, I wanted to look back further into search engine optimization past and share my top three SEO tips that have always been around and aren’t going away anytime soon. Following are my three top SEO tips that will never go out of style.

Tip number 1: Cut the Clutter

Back in the 1990’s when we designed for 640×480 and site visitors were using dial-up to access web content, we knew every tiny bite could potentially add up and cost us visitors. We quickly learned we needed to optimize our content for site speed. The way we did this was by keeping our code lean and clean, optimizing images down to the exact viewable size and looking for anything else that might slow down our site. Back in the early days, it was simple to scan HTML and find what may be causing an issue.

In today’s world, site speed is taken into account for your search engine ranking, making it more important than ever to render your site. While we may no longer be concerned about optimizing a .jpg down to 20k, the concept of site speed still holds true today. User expect fast websites. As the world becomes increasingly mobile, and consumers expect on-demand content, poor site-speed can be detrimental to SEO.

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Tip number 2: Keywords

  • URL. When putting together your main site URL along with your sub-pages, implementing descriptive and straightforward web addresses is a must. The more readable the URL for visitors the better. Not only are you helping the reader navigate your site, but you are also helping the search engines crawl and index your content appropriately. Here’s a great resource for naming conventions and SEO.
  • Metadata. The title tags are used to tell search engines and visitors what your page is about. I am amazed at how many web pages do not follow this rule. So the second tip for keyword strategy is to creatively and strategically write a unique title tag for each page implementing the keywords for that particular page. When writing your description tag, follow the same principle. It’s still debated as to whether a description tag has any weight at all. However, by concisely using the meta description tag to inform your reader what the page is about in an exciting, creative way, you draw in the reader and raise your click-through rate.
  • Content. Your page content is why the reader is on your site. Your page content should be written for the reader, not for the search engines. It’s both a science and an art to developing great content for SEO. As long as you are aware of the keyword phrase you are targeting, you should end up with the right amount of keyword density.
    I also want to mention, that when possible, it’s good practice for your URL, title tag and page header to match.

3. Consistency and Accuracy

  • Links. Check for broken links and outdated information. A user who comes across inconsistency on your site won’t hang around long.  When linking externally, more often than not the page you are linking to at some point may no longer be valid, causing a broken link from your page. Thus, leading your reader to the back button from your site. The rule applies to internal links as well. If you are part of a larger website, are you checking that all links work properly and content is still available?
  • Content. Yes, again, content. Freshly-written content is loved by the search engines. By consistently bringing readers high-quality, well-researched content, readers learn that you are the go-to person for your niche. With the explosion of social media, it’s easier than ever to bring fresh content to your readers on a timely basis. If you are not taking advantage of social media such as blogging, tweeting, sharing, what are you waiting for?

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September 11, 2001. Where Were You?

Remembering September 11, 2001

Image result for september 11 images for facebook

Today marks the 17th anniversary of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.  It is a time to reflect and remember the 2996 souls we lost on September 11, 2001, thousands of veterans who have died Afghanistan and Iraq and the first responders who were exposed to toxins at ground zero.

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Confessions of a Web Professional Part 2 – Don’t be Afraid of Change.

One of my favorite YouTubers, Casey Neistat posted a video this week that resonated with me. Casey was talking about change and how it can affect us. While Casey was discussing the change coming about in his family, what he said at the end of his video hit me like a ton of bricks.

“While it’s natural to be scared of change, you should never let that fear keeping you from making changes.”
Casey Neistat

Over the past year, I have gone through a tremendous amount of change in my professional life. After working as the Webmaster for UT Tyler for almost 18 years, my time at the university is coming to an end in a few weeks.

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Confessions of a Web Professional-Where it All Began.

I have decided to begin my new blog with a series called, “Confessions of a Web Professional”. In this series, I will discuss my life as a web professional, how I became obsessed with search engine optimization and how working in the field of higher education has transformed my life.

I hope you find these posts entertaining. I would love to hear about your introduction to the World Wide Web and your thoughts on the Digital Marketing industry. It would really mean a lot to me if you shared this post. Let’s keep the conversation going, drop a comment below.

Part 1 – The Information Super Highway

I am in my 25th year as a Web professional and over the years I have worn many hats. But for the majority of my career, my official my title has been Webmaster. Those of us in the industry know this is a catch-all title. I am not complaining, I have been given the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount of information which has propelled my career into all sorts of amazing directions.

Today, however, I want to start from the beginning. When did I first discover the internet? What compelled me to start a career in the internet business? How did I decide to learn HTML?

Let’s go back to 1994, the year I discovered the “Information Highway”.


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