Let’s Bring This Blog Back to Life

Top 5 Tips in Navigating My Job Search in the Complex World of Digital Marketing

Life is full of transitions and milestones, and I find myself at an exciting crossroad as my youngest child graduates high school and prepares for university. With this new phase, I am excited to enhance my workload and further leverage my advanced leadership skills in the dynamic realm of digital marketing. However, I’ve encountered a common challenge that many professionals face – getting past the initial steps of the job application process. In this blog post, I will share some pointers I am implementing to navigate the job search and increase my chances of securing that coveted digital marketing role.

As I embark on this exciting journey to expand my workload and secure a new digital marketing role, I am embracing the challenges and opportunities that come my way. Refining my application materials, leveraging my network, targeting companies that align with my goals, showcasing my skills, and staying updated on industry trends are all part of my proactive approach. Each application and interview is a chance for personal growth and learning.

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Stop Worrying About What Other People Think!

In my younger days, I would constantly fret about others’ opinions of me. However, with time, I outgrew that mindset. Now, I strive to impart the following wisdom to my daughters:

Whenever you find yourself feeling self-conscious, take a moment to observe your surroundings, look around. Are others really paying close attention? More often than not, they are preoccupied with their own concerns and thoughts about how they are perceived.

Remember this valuable insight the next time you experience that peculiar sensation of worrying about what others think.


Robinette Kelly is a dynamic digital marketer and industry leader with over 25th year of experience driving digital success.

How Do You Implement Mobile First Technology?

4 steps to bring your client up-to-date for thinking “Mobile First”.

I have adopted a steadfast rule in my work: I never show a client a draft unless their product is completely mobile-friendly. This approach helps my clients recognize the importance of mobile in building their business and online presence.

To effectively teach your clients about mobile-first technology, consider following these four steps:

1. Emphasize the Significance of Mobile-First:

By now, we understand that “mobile-first” refers to enabling users to perform almost any task on their mobile devices, with minimal impact on content, loading time, and functionality. In today’s world, where people spend a significant amount of time on their mobile devices, it is crucial to emphasize the concept of mobile-first design.

Despite its prominence, there are still individuals who prioritize aesthetics over mobile functionality. Take a moment to browse the web on your phone, and you’ll be astonished by the number of non-mobile-friendly sites. Initiate discussions about mobile design right from the first client meeting to establish its importance.

2. Educate Clients on Framework, Design, and Mobile-Optimized Content

As smartphones become more and more powerful, it’s important to keep up with the rising technology and bringing out clients along as technologies change. If you want the user to have the best-possible experience, by teaching your client the process, they will understand the process and importance of mobile first.

Whether it’s design, content or navigation, implementing the mobile first strategy during the review process, my client will begin to understand the importance of how designing their product for mobile technology will help their business.

3. Simplify your look and feel

When designing for mobile, be selective about the content and graphics displayed in the mobile view. Users navigate through sites by swiping and tapping, so it’s crucial to streamline the mobile experience.

Avoid large graphics or menu bars that take up too much screen space, as they can hinder navigation. Teach your clients how to identify areas that can be simplified for mobile and encourage the use of interactive buttons and mobile-friendly image galleries. By involving clients in this process, you save time and effort in explaining and training them later on.


Prioritize thorough testing to ensure mobile-friendliness before presenting a project to clients. Whether you’re using a website builder, WordPress templates, or HTML/CSS, implementing the mobile-first strategy saves time, minimizes errors, and impresses clients.

Educate your clients on the testing process and emphasize that changes made to improve mobile performance, such as turning off large hero graphics or simplifying the menu, are done to enhance the user experience.

While these steps may seem basic to some, it is important to evaluate our strategies, client interactions, and consider adopting a mobile-first mindset. Share your own mobile-first techniques and experiences to further enhance the discussion and encourage growth in this area.

Do you have a specific technique for mobile first that you can share?

Robinette Kelly is a dynamic digital marketer and industry leader with over 25th year of experience driving digital success.

4 Reasons Why Your Pet Makes a Great Co-Worker


Today (February 20) is “Love Your Pet Day”. What better day than today to talk about why having our pets in the office is a great idea!

There are plenty of articles and posts featuring the pros and cons of having pets around while working. Instead of focusing on any of the negative, let’s talk about the benefits of working from home with our pets around.

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Are Your Digital Marketing Skills Current for 2019?

One of the most intimidating parts of digital marketing is how quickly the industry evolves. It’s an undeniable fact that technology moves fast, continuously changing how we do business.

The very nature of digital marketing requires us to stay current and re-evaluate strategies to stay fresh. In fact, keeping abreast of the latest trends is key to a successful career as a digital marketer.

Today, I focus on 3 companies/brands who are acing digital content strategy by creating experiences, building relationships and publishing content that keeps their audience coming back.

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5 Tips to Optimize Your Personal Brand in 2019

Is your digital presence optimized for the upcoming new year? As business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers, our personal brand is more important now than ever before.

Following are my top five quick tips to ensure your personal brand is ready for success in 2019.

1. Your Name.

2. Social Media.

More often than not, when you are being considered for a project or new position, at some point your potential client will dive into your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

If you have not updated your LinkedIn for five years, how will your potential client know what a great fit you are for them? If you still have those party pics deep down in your Facebook account from 2009, those need to go. Take the time, get in there and clean it up.

3. Online Portfolio.

When you are considered for a project or new job, one of the first requests from a potential client is a link to your online portfolio. Whatever the work may be, big or small, if you are proud of it, show it off. By keeping your portfolio up-to-date, you are one step further to landing the next big gig.

A good place to keep up with your online portfolio is LinkedIn. Remember to update your profile as you renew certificates, attend training, speak at conferences and or land new projects. Set a goal for 2019 to update your portfolio every month. By taking your best projects and adding them to your official online portfolio, your personal brand will look fresh and up to date.

4. Leads.

Is your website optimized for inbound leads? Check your online profiles, social media accounts and website. Your website should offer a potential client a way to contact you by email, phone number, contact form, and social media buttons. Contact information should be readily available on your social media bios. Don’t forget to use call-to-actions on your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. 

5. Value.

Understand your true worth. As a highly experienced digital marketer who has recently jumped back into full-time freelancing, it has been challenging for me to come up with the right pricing schedule. I know my worth, but I have a tiny inside voice whispering to me “you can’t charge that much…” Remember your skillset, and how you can actually help your client succeed.

If you have been a freelancer for a while but haven’t evaluated your prices recently to meet your skill set, do some research and consider a new pricing structure. Besides, you know you are worth it!

Comment below how you are implementing your personal brand and what tips you recommend for freelancers in 2019.

Have a wonderful holiday week!


Robinette Kelly is a dynamic digital marketer and industry leader with over 25th year of experience driving digital success.